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In this program, you will see how the Learner Teams implemented new ideas and expanded arts instruction into the general curriculum at their schools.

  • At Ridgeway Elementary School in White Plains, New York, Learner Team members replicate some of the activities they had experienced in the summer workshop as a first step toward broadening the role of the arts in their curriculum.
  • At Kingsbury Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee, Learner Team members use several approaches to engage students, including an introduction to costume design, visits from a local dance artist, and analysis of a passage of music.
  • At Drew Model School in Arlington, Virginia, Learner Team members create connections between the arts and other subjects.

In conversations with workshop leader Susanne Burgess, Learner Team members reflect on instructional changes and consider where they’ll go next with the arts.

In this session, you will take on roles from the school community to debate the importance of arts to education. You also will work in pairs to create a work of art that communicates your vision of arts in your classroom.


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