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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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This program features visits to the schools of each Learner Team during the year following their summer workshop training. It also includes reflective discussions between each team and workshop leader Susanne Burgess.

  • At Ridgeway Elementary School in White Plains, New York, team members worked all year planning and teaching a sequence of instruction leading to a multi-arts performance piece.
  • The team from Drew Model School in Arlington, Virginia, invited other interested teachers to work with them on a variety of lessons and units that integrated the arts with other subjects.
  • The entire faculty at Kingsbury Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee, participated in schoolwide planning to make good use of community arts resources.

In this session, you will reflect on the work of the Learner Teams and discuss how your school might act similarly or differently. You also will think about specific ways that you and your colleagues might increase the role of the arts in your classrooms.



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