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Artifacts and Fiction - Workshop in American Literature
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Pair Finder Activities & Tips Behind the Scenes About
Workshop Overview
Visual Arts
Political History
Social History
Oral Histories
Domestic Architecture
Cultural Geography
Ritual Artifacts
Ceremonial Artifacts
Workshop Appendix
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Artifacts & Fiction is a professional development workshop series that guides teachers through pairing primary source materials with American literature texts. It draws from the online archive and video series of Annenberg Media's American Passages.

x Workshop Activities & Tips
Find hands-on activities for individual, small and large-group use. x
Discipline Tutorials
Deepen your understanding of the 8 disciplines covered in the workshops through close reading of artifacts. x

x Artifacts & Literature Pair Finder
Use this tool to view suggested pairings of literature and artifacts. x
Six Step Process
Use this process to select and read historical artifacts in conjunction with literature. x

x Learn more from the experts and teachers who appeared in the video series including lesson plans, reflective interviews and expanded interdisciplinary content. x

Support Materials
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