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Artifacts and Fiction - Workshop in American Literature
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The analysis of literature is similar to the analysis of artifacts because both require students to ask thoughtful questions, explore their own explanatory hypotheses, and draw insightful conclusions. Although the analysis of artifacts is a new activity for many students, when they are taught to do it, they develop close reading skills that enhance their ability to analyze familiar literary forms. This approach is especially relevant in schools where literature courses are paired with other disciplines, such as social studies. Even if your school does not pair classes explicitly, students should find the approach helps them make connections between what they read for their English classes and what they study in other courses and disciplines. Indeed, the approach can be particularly engaging for students who feel stronger in visual arts, music, or other fields than they do in English.

The session activities can be used by individuals, small groups or large groups to enhance artifact reading skills, and help readers use those skills to better understand literary texts. See the Workshop Overview for additional tips on how to use artifacts in the classroom.

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