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Workshop 6 Exponential Functions Student Work
Student Work:

Population Growth Activity

"Having Your Cake..." Assignment
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Population Growth Activity

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Teacher Commentary:

I am very pleased with this sample of student work as far as reaching the traced goals.

Looking at the work, I have a couple of comments. Under the second discussion, answer C, I will have to ask the student to clarify the meaning of "that it is curved but eventually it will become a straight line". Some questions I might ask are: What would be the implications of that straight line? And what happens to the pattern of the population growth? Is that possible?

I think that probably it is still not clear that while the growth rate increases, we still have some limitations.

On the second page, on the answer to d (2), it is still not clear to me that the student really understands how to get the dimensions of the box. I would ask questions like: what is the area that one Skeeter occupies in the box? What is the area of the region (the pizza box) where the Skeeters grow? Are there any limitations of space? If yes, how many Skeeters will fit in there?

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