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Shape and Space in Geometry
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There are many ways to represent three-dimensional structures. Here is one structure in a "perspective" drawing.

Below is the same structure in a "plot plan." The plot plan uses a number to describe how many stories tall the structure is in each square of its base. So the number "4" represents the 4-story, or tallest, part of the structure.


(side view is from here)

(front view is from here)

In this activity you figure out a three-dimensional structure based on two-dimensional silhouettes, or shadows. If you have worked with front and side views, you will find this similar (except that you will not see hidden lines). Here are the front (on the left) and side (on the right) silhouettes of the same structure:

Your task is to come up with plot plans that could match the silhouettes given. Sometimes there will be more than one plot plan that can give the same silhouettes.



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