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American Passages - A Literary Survey
1. Native Voices

2. Exploring Borderlands

3. Utopian Promise

4. Spirit of Nationalism

5. Masculine Heroes

6. Gothic Undercurrents

7. Slavery and Freedom

8. Regional Realism

9. Social Realism

10. Rhythms in Poetry

11. Modernist Portraits

12. Migrant Struggle

13. Southern Renaissance

14. Becoming Visible

15. Poetry of Liberation

16. Search For Identity

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American Passages: A Literary Survey provides professional development and classroom materials to enhance the study of American Literature in its cultural context. It is organized into 16 Units; each exploring canonical and re-discovered texts, and presenting the material through an Instructor Guide, a 30-minute documentary video series, literary texts and an integrated Study Guide. How To Use This Site

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Employing a powerful search tool, access more than 3000 Items including visual art, audio files, primary source materials and additional texts supporting and enriching the understanding of American Literature.

The Slideshow Tool is a "point-and-click" method for creating multi-media presentations in response to writing assignments and close reading activities. Users can pair audio and visual artifacts, composing an analytical narrative.

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Available here in PDF format, the Unit Instructor Guides feature thematically-organized contextual materials.

Book Club members can explore author biographical information and access discussion questions and background materials.


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