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Calculating Change

A video documentary for educators and parents on math and science education reform; 1 one-hour video program

This inspiring video documentary is a call to action that shows how parents and communities can work together to promote better, more creative math and science education. It provides an excellent overview of the need for and issues surrounding math and science reform.

This series is no longer available for purchase.

Produced by Pacific Street Films in association with Thirteen/WNET for the National Urban League. 1994.

Closed Caption     ISBN: 1-55946-843-2

This series was discontinued on December 31, 2018.

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Individual Program Descriptions

1. Calculating Change
The 60-minute program includes interviews with Ellen Ochoa, a Hispanic female astronaut, and Vice President Al Gore, plus on-location reports on five innovative programs across America. A youth services director in Lorain, OH, works with gang members and uses a pool table to teach them basic math while helping them develop self-confidence. A mother in Reston, VA, invents a colorful shapes-and-patterns game to teach geometry and other advanced math concepts in an after-school program. Bob Moses and David Dennis, former '60s voting rights activists, today focus on teaching African American students math skills and confidence through the Algebra Project. A New York City class learns fractions, ratio, proportion, and geometric principles while designing and building models of a housing project. Elementary students on the Isleta Reservation in New Mexico test the water of the Rio Grande to learn about the interdependency of life forms on earth.



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