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Teacher Resources/Science
Case Studies in Science Education

A video library for K-8 science teachers; 25 half-hour video programs and guides

These case studies take science education reform to a personal level, where individuals struggle to make changes that matter. Follow Donna, Mike, Audrey, and other science teachers as they work to improve one aspect of their teaching. Each case follows a single teacher over the course of a year and is divided into three modules: the teacher's background and the problem he or she chooses to address, the chosen approach and implementation, and the outcome with assessment by the teacher and his or her advisor.

**** NOTE: This series is no longer being distributed by Annenberg Learner. Please visit our Discontinued Series page for contact information for the series producer. Please note that the series producer may not be distributing the series if rights to the original material was not able be renewed.

Produced by the Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Observatory in association with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. 1997.

ISBN: 1-57680-089-X
Seventh-graders investigate kidney structure.
Seventh-graders investigate kidney structure.

Individual Program Descriptions
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Individual Program Descriptions

1. Jennie — K
Jennie, a kindergarten teacher, wants to design grade-level appropriate science activities.

2. Patricia — Grade 1
Patricia, a first-grade teacher, wants to increase her students' role in their learning.

3. Jean — Grade 3
Jean, a third-grade teacher, searches for ways to meet the needs of diverse learners.

4. Donna — Grade 5
Donna, a fifth-grade teacher, is incorporating the diverse backgrounds of her students into the science curriculum.

5. Elsa — K
Elsa, a kindergarten teacher, is implementing discovery-oriented activities to make science more active.

6. Ingrid — Grade 1
Ingrid, a first-grade teacher, works with students' ideas while focusing on specific learning goals.

7. Jo-Ann and Richard — Grade 2
Richard and Jo-Ann, who teach second grade, are integrating both math and science into their classroom activities.

8. Terez — Grade 4
Terez, a fourth-grade teacher, is developing an assessment strategy that is more student centered.

9. Najwa and Pat — Grade 1
Najwa and Pat, first-grade teachers, want to teach special needs students more effectively in an integrated classroom.

10. Linda — Grades 2-4
Linda, a resource specialist for second through fourth grade, works with teachers to help their students build scientifically accurate ideas.

11. Sarah — Grade 5
Sarah, a fifth-grade teacher, wants to ensure that her students understand core science concepts.

12. Tom — Grade 5
Tom, a fifth-grade teacher, is working to assess his students' science understanding accurately and fairly.

13. Erien, Year One — Grade 5
Erien, a fifth-grade teacher in her first year, strives to include and manage class discussions in science learning.

14. Erien, Year Two — Grade 7
Erien, now in her second year of teaching, wants to increase her seventh-grade students' higher-level thinking skills.

15. Dotty — Grade 7
Dotty, a veteran seventh-grade teacher, is incorporating the use of technology in a science-technology-society approach to teaching.

16. Nancy — Grade 8
Nancy wants her eighth-grade students to develop more autonomy and critical thinking skills.

17. Margarita — Grades 5-8
Margarita, a bilingual teacher of mixed-grades five through eight, is working with non-English speaking students to accelerate their science skills.

18. Greg — Grade 6
Greg, a sixth-grade student teacher, is designing hands-on, minds-on science activities for his class.

19. Paul — Grade 6
Paul, a sixth-grade science teacher, wants to involve his students in the minds-on components of science tasks.

20. Raquel — Grade 7
Raquel, a seventh-grade teacher, is increasing the involvement of girls and students of color in science.

21. Pat — Grade 8
Pat, an eighth-grade life sciences teacher, is working to bring focus to inquiry-oriented science activities.

22. Jeff — Grade 6
Jeff, a sixth-grade student teacher, is exploring problem-centered learning with his students.

23. Mike — Grade 7
Mike, a veteran seventh-grade teacher, is working to involve girls more in science and strengthen their self-confidence.

24. Audrey, Year One — Grade 8
Audrey, a social studies teacher who is teaching eighth-grade science for the first time, is developing an approach to science that empowers students.

25. Audrey, Year Two — Grade 7
Audrey, in her second year of teaching science, is helping her seventh-grade students develop critical thinking skills.



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