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School Testing-Behind the Numbers

A documentary for middle and high school educators; 1 sixty-minute video program

A lively, humorous and thoughtful discussion of the meaning and impact of school testing, from the reporters who cover testing, their editors who shape the stories, students who take the tests, parents who want their children to do well, teachers who prepare students for the tests, administrators who must meet accountability requirements, respond to parents and encourage teachers, the policymakers who set the requirements and the experts who question the impact. Discussion examples are drawn from Virginia, California, New York, the District of Columbia, Florida, North Carolina and the national debate. School Testing shows the many views of school testing today, and raises questions that are likely to occur in all communities.

Produced by Richard Kilberg and Joan Greco of Fred Friendly Seminars for the Education Writers Association. 2002.

ISBN: 1-57680-735-5

This series was discontinued on December 31, 2018.

Individual Program Descriptions
Individual Program Descriptions

1. School Testing—Behind the Numbers



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