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Mathematics and Science for All

A video series on serving diverse populations, for K-12 educators; 3 half-hour video programs and guides

What better way to stimulate change than by seeing visual examples of successful education initiatives that truly serve the needs of everyone? Mathematics and Science for All highlights five major math and science projects in Montana. The three video programs show culturally diverse and interactive classrooms that illustrate the discussion about mathematics and science education that works for all students. Through interviews with students and teachers, the programs present many options for overcoming barriers created by differences in culture, learning ability, and geographic isolation.

This series is no longer available.

Produced by Montana State University and Montana Public Television. 1996.

Closed Caption     ISBN: 1-55946-956-0

Individual Program Descriptions
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Individual Program Descriptions

1. Native American Students: Including Indians
Increasing the participation of Native American students in mathematics and science is the one goal of Montana's statewide reform program. This video documents its approach through outreach by university and college systems, mentoring programs, and recruitment of future Native American teachers. In the classroom, Native American students study math and science while working in groups and drawing upon their native cultures.

2. Students With Special Needs: Schools Weren't Meant To Separate
Focuses on special needs students and their teachers, who provide flexible learning environments for all students. The role of special needs teachers in the regular classroom is also examined.

3. Support for Rural Education
Three rural teachers talk about the isolation in tiny towns distributed over vast distances and the challenges they face in their teaching and in their everyday lives. Using telecommunications and the Internet, the teachers take courses and collaborate with mentors; exchange ideas and resources with one another; and benefit from each otherís experiences.



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