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Creating a Climate for Change...Math Leads the Way

Video modules for presenting workshops on math education reform for K-6 teachers and administrators; 1 fifty-three-minute video program (six segments) and guide

Video clips from classrooms used in conjunction with detailed, easy-to-use support materials show educators how to present workshops on math education reform to key community groups. Each workshop focuses on a core issue of educational change, shows how change is working in classrooms across the country, and helps build consensus for reform and adoption of standards in math or other areas.

Individual module descriptions:

1. "Change As a Process" Participants discuss barriers to change and how they might be overcome.

2. "Moving From Memorizing to Problem-Solving" Students need to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to make the school-to-work transition in today's world.

3. "Learning To Work in Collaboration With Others" Complex problems have to be solved by teams of people who can combine skills and talents to achieve a common goal.

4. "Teaching To Reach All Students" Increasing student options and mathematics understanding through extra-school activities and innovative lessons prepares students for life in a rapidly changing world.

5. "Data and Decision-Making" Elementary- and middle-school students learn how data is collected, summarized, and analyzed in order to reach conclusions and make decisions.

6. "Involving the Community in Change" Translating national standards into local practices requires a vision of why change is necessary, what needs to change, and who must be involved in change.

This series is no longer available.

Produced by The Math Connection and WQED Pittsburgh. 1994.

Closed Caption     ISBN: 1-55946-883-1

Group inquiry among preservice teachers
Group inquiry among preservice teachers

Individual Program Descriptions
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Individual Program Descriptions

1. Creating a Climate for Change...Math Leads the Way



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