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Journey North

An instructional Web site for K-12 students and their teachers; 1 one-hour Professional Development Video Program and Workshop Guide for teachers on the use of Journey North; and a Teacher's Manual with support materials

Journey North is an Internet-based program that engages students in investigations of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Each year, thousands of students and their teachers across North America come together to experience the annual cycle through observation, inquiry, research, and the sharing of data. Access to the Journey North Web site is free: www.learner.org/jnorth.

With the Professional Development Video and Workshop Guide, teachers can watch Journey North classrooms in action and learn how to use the program in their classrooms. Teachers of second through seventh grades are featured with their students engaging in some of the most popular Journey North investigations.

Take Journey North outside and report sightings from the field with the new mobile app.

Journey North Web Site
Developed by Journey North.

Journey North Professional Development Video and Guide
Co-created by Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. and Journey North, Inc. 2001.

Journey North Teacher's Manual
Developed by Journey North.

Closed Caption     ISBN: 1-57680-380-5

Students send monarchs to Mexico.
Students send monarchs to Mexico.

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Individual Program Descriptions
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Individual Program Descriptions

VOD1. Introduction
This program introduces the three sets of investigations that are featured in the Journey North program: Seasonal Migrations, Plants and the Seasons and Sunlight and the Seasons. Go to this unit.

VOD2. Seasonal Migration
One of Journey North's most popular migration--that of the monarch butterflies is featured in this program. Go to this unit.

VOD3. Plants and Seasons
Join several Journey North classrooms as they become engaged in the study of tulip bulbs, and track their growth from fall to spring. Go to this unit.

VOD4. Sunlight and Seasons
This program follows a number of classrooms as they try to find the exact location of 10 secret Mystery Classes located around the world. Go to this unit.



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