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Life's Not Fair

Read two books on the same theme, record questions and responses and meet with others reading the same book.

Literature Circles

Choose books and read in class. Review how to act during a discussion and meet in literature circles to discuss the books.

Literature Discussion Groups

Choose from several texts offered. Record individual reactions and share them during discussion groups.

Living, Dead or Nonliving

Distribute a mystery material or “green stuff,” and ask students to determine what category it belongs to: living, dead or nonliving.

Mathematical Modeling, Circular Movement and Transmission Ratios

Examine the difference in the number of revolutions for each of two gears in a model, in order to undertand the significance of the radii of the gears.

Melting Point of Ice

Take readings of a thermometer in a glass of ice and then in warm water. Watch the volume of the red liquid in the thermometer expand, to develop ideas about the effect of energy on the change of state of matter.

Miles of Tiles - The Pool Border Problem

Algebraic notation and variables are used to recognize patterns and represent situations.

Milton Brasher-Cunningham, Frankenstein

Take students on a field trip to a laboratory or bring in a guest speaker. Construct a creature/robot/monster/automaton/machine.

Moon's Distance from Earth

Work with models to represent the relative distance of the Moon from the Earth, then measure the angular size of the Moon with pinky fingers to check the estimate.

North Africa / Southwest Asia - How a Country's Boundaries Are Shaped

Examine the past and present boundaries of Jerusalem and the reasons why and how these came about.

North Africa / Southwest Asia - The Gift of the Nile: Egypt and Its River

Examine how human interaction with the environment has altered the annual flooding of the Nile River and what the implications are for the region.

North Africa / Southwest Asia - Gaza: The Two Perspectives

By looking at different perspectives in news articles and working in small groups, develop a better understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

North America - Analyzing Philadelphia's Historical Maps

On a field trip to see historic maps, analyze how resources influence settlement patterns, and how land- and cityscapes change due to urbanization.

North America - Enterprise Communities in Denver

Use data and models to define the location of economically distressed neighborhoods located in Denver.

North America - San Antonio Growth and Expansion

Consider the impacts of human migration on physical and human systems and ask "where will the future growth of San Antonio occur?"

Observing Properties

Introduce a variety of solid objects and use senses to sort them. Then explain the criteria used for the sorting schemes.

Overrun by Skeeters - Exponential Growth

This introduction to exponential functions considers the world population since 1650. In a simulation, the population grows at a random yet predictable rate.

Civics: Patriotism & Foreign Policy

What should the U.S. relationship with the rest of the world be? And what artifacts should be selected for a Museum of Patriotism and Foreign Policy?

Performing With Confidence

Students discuss a political election and hold a mock talk show in French.

Persuasive Writing

Use discussions of rap music to encourage the class to develop and articulate their opinions in persuasive writing pieces.

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