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Energy Flow in Communities

Begin a simple terrarium and maintain a Communities Chart to track the feeding relationships inside. Each time something is added, the impact is recorded on the increasingly complex chart.

Envisionment Building With Literature

Focus on the ideas and questions of the class as they discuss the literature. Multiple interpretations are encouraged.

Envisionment-Building in the Literature Classroom

Adapt any literary text to this generic lesson which reflects the key tenets of the envisionment-building approach.

Europe - European Cities

Create a brochure promoting a European city and write a letter proposing future plans to improve it.

Europe - European Integration? European Union Membership Activity

Role-play representatives from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine, apply for entry to the EU and make a presentation to the EU Council of Ministers.

Evaporation and Condensation

Take two wet paper towels and enclose one. What will happen the next day? Watch as water droplets condense on the outside of a plastic cup filled with cold water.

Exploratory Walk

Use all five senses and observation skills to explore a familiar location.

Facilitating Discussion

Literature and extension activities are connected thematically as students examine issues related to government limits and individual rights.

Family and Home

Using figurines representing family members in a model house, students learn how to talk in French about family members and their activities in different rooms in the home.

Flowers for Algernon

Construct a maze and conduct time trials. Introduce the Rorcshach tests and make samples. Create a visual representation or “Body Biography” of one of the characters.

Civics: Freedom of Religion

Simulate a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on a First amendment case about a Texas school district delivering prayers over the intercom.

Getting Started With Poetry

Demonstrate sound and effective language. Experiment with writing poems and sharing with younger students.

The Giver

Record personal responses to independently chosen reading material to develop understanding. Enrich this understanding with class discussion, visual transmediation and various other activities.

Global Forces / Local Impact - Philadelphia's Schuylkill River

On a class field trip to historic Bartram’s Garden, pupils learn how the local watershed area of the Schuylkill River has changed over time.

Global Forces / Local Impact - What is Quality of Life? An Indonesian Case Study

Make global comparisons of quality of life indicators with those of Indonesia.

Gray Whales: Adaptations That Help Gray Whales Survive

Explore how whales adapt to their environment as mammals in the sea.

Gray Whales: Hitchhikers - Free Rides on Gray Whales

Read and write about the animals that hitchhike on whales and why they hitchhike.

Gray Whales: Lagoon Tour- Whale Watching

Go on a virtual whale watching tour. Generate ideas for writing using the "Questions for Details" strategy.

Gray Whales: Life in the Nursery Lagoons

Learn how baby whales "play to learn" with their mothers.

Gray Whales: The Monumental Migration

An introduction to Gray Whale migration, (pdf booklet for kids).

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