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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Advice Column

Write anonymous questions for "Dear Know-It-All," an imaginary advice columnist. Then respond to one question in the form of a letter.

American Robin: A Robin's Menu Through the Seasons

Explore and write about what kinds of plants and animals robins eat.

American Robin: Build a Robin's Nest

Ask questions before reading about how robins build nests, revisit the text for details, reflect on what's learned and get Writer's Woskshop ideas.

American Robin: Eggstra! Eggstra! The Story Behind a Robin's Eggs

Read about how the way robins lay eggs is different from other birds.

American Robin: Territory Study

Read and write about the place where nesting and mating occurs.

Be Direct - Oil Spills on Land

Direct variation is taught using a simulated oil spill, using toilet paper tissues (to represent land) and drops of vegetable oil (to simulate oil). 

Bigger and Smaller - Exponent Rules

Use a scene from Alice in Wonderland to introduce negative exponents and the rules for dividing powers. 

Book Buddies

Book Buddies read together and write down responses. They join another pair and use their diverse responses as springboards for conversation.

Book Clubs

These activities are designed to help pupils focus and develop their thinking about the literature which enriches the discussions.

Bouncing Ball - Function Families

Explore quadratic functions by using a motion detector known as a Calculator Based Ranger (CBR) to examine the heights of the different bounces of a ball.

Bridge to Terabithia

See the setting through visualization and drawing. Hear the dialogue by playing "Who am I?"

Building Viewpoints

Use cubes and grid paper to interpret shapes in both two and three dimensions. 

Causal Patterns in Density

Use brass and aluminum cylinders while controlling for mass and volume to make the property of density more obvious.

Causal Patterns in Ecosystems

Demonstrate the invisible role of decomposers in a food web, using glass worm tank and bread mold activities.


Understand Ceremony in the context of the “monomyth,” as defined by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Challenges with Sinkers

Manipulate aluminum foil and clay to make shapes that sink slowly.

Civics: Civic Engagement

Define a project and meet with a community partner. Present the community problem and proposed solutions to a special session of the city council.

Classifying Living Things

Record student observations on the similarities and differences between plants and animals on a Venn diagram and determine the basic needs of each.

Communicating About Sports

Students learn new sports vocabulary in Chinese by using Total Physical Response (TPR).

Comparing Animal Skeletons

Dissect a “mystery object” – an owl pellet with bones in it. After studying the human skeleton, students can begin to identify the bones in the pellet.

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