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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Book Buddies

Book Buddies read together and write down responses. They join another pair and use their diverse responses as springboards for conversation.

Book Clubs

These activities are designed to help pupils focus and develop their thinking about the literature which enriches the discussions.

Envisionment Building With Literature

Focus on the ideas and questions of the class as they discuss the literature. Multiple interpretations are encouraged.

Independent Reading

The goal of this lesson is to help students recognize that reading books can help them understand their own lives

Literature Circles

Choose books and read in class. Review how to act during a discussion and meet in literature circles to discuss the books.

Literature Discussion Groups

Choose from several texts offered. Record individual reactions and share them during discussion groups.

Preparing for Group Discussions

Use Post-Itâ„¢ Notes to record reactions while reading and share these notes during discussion.

Teaching Literary Conversation

Read a shared book while writing notes for use in subsequent discussion. Read an independently chosen book each night.

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