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Video Summary: For students in Debbie Lerner's multiage classroom, the remodeling of their school is an opportunity to learn how individuals can contribute to a community project. In this lesson, students learn where funding for such a project comes from, discuss the procedures involved in planning and executing a school remodeling project, identify the resources necessary to complete the job, and research ways they can help with the effort. In addition, Ms. Lerner uses the school's building project to teach concepts like cooperation, and to encourage students to become active members of their school community.

Ms. Lerner invites the district superintendent to visit the class and talk to students about the remodeling project, tell them what they can do to help, and answer any questions they have. Then students work in groups to plan their contribution to the project: packing up their classroom before the remodeling begins. They also prepare speeches and make posters to enlist the help of students in other classrooms. By inviting guest speakers to their class, forming planning committees, and recruiting their schoolmates to help, Ms. Lerner's students become active participants in a community project.

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