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Image of Wendell Brooks with a student. In This Lesson:
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Understanding Stereotypes

Video Summary: How would you teach your students about stereotyping? You might begin by asking, What is a stereotype? What is the impact of stereotypes on our lives? What actions can we take to stop the perpetuation of stereotypes? These are a few of the questions that fourth- and fifth-grade students in Libby Sinclair's class examine in the video "Understanding Stereotypes."

As the lesson begins, students define the term stereotype and share experiences that illustrate the impact of stereotypes on their lives. Working in groups, they recall examples of stereotypes they have encountered in literature throughout the school year. As they reflect on their research about the Negro Baseball Leagues, they realize that this topic is often not included in reference books. Students develop criteria for a persuasive letter they will write, requesting publishers to include information about the Negro Baseball Leagues in future publications.

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