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Student Case Study: William

The Student, the Teacher, and the Class


William Finds His Base

Video Summary

The Student, the Teacher, and the Class

Analyzing the Video

Making Connections

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William with Ms. Soto.

William is a second-grade student in a fully-inclusive classroom at the Hemenway Elementary School in Framingham, Massachusetts. Of William's 23 classmates, 12 have special needs. The class has two full-time teachers -- one general educator and one special education teacher -- who share responsibility for teaching all students in the class.

William's Literacy Program

Guided Reading -small group

Shared Reading -whole class

Independent Reading


Assessment (Running Records)

Home Reading

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing in Response to Reading

An active, social boy, William loves to play sports, especially baseball. He is often critical of his performance. According to his mother, he expects to do the best all the time. After he experiences difficulty in an above-grade-level reading group in September, Ms. Soto, his teacher, regroups him so he can read books at his instructional reading level.

Ms. Soto assesses William throughout the year (as she does all students), using a running record to determine appropriate reading materials, and guided-reading groups, which change throughout the year. Ms. Soto makes it a point to review the Running Record with William and to share the indicators of his progress. She constructs an individual Browsing Box each week with each student to encourage independent reading.

As William's skills increase, he enjoys reading books from the Magic Tree House series and books about sports. He also enjoys reading at home to his sister and mother. By the end of the second grade William says, "I have a baseball collection and now I can read the cards better. I couldn't read them, when I first got them, because I wasn't really that good. I'm going to read more books over the summer and get books out of the library about sports and baseball."

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