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Link: Teaching Reading: K-2

Student Case Study: William

First Impressions


William Finds His Base

Video Summary

The Student, the Teacher, and the Class

Analyzing the Video
  Before Viewing
  First Impressions
  Looking Closer
  Summing Up

Making Connections

Selected Resources


Watch the Video

On your first viewing, note how William's reading accuracy and fluency develop over the year during guided reading, shared reading, and independent reading. Note the strategies he uses to read unfamiliar words in context and how he monitors his reading. How do his perceptions of his reading abilities change over time?


Review What You Saw

As you reflect on these questions, write down your responses or discuss them as a group.

Review your notes on William's Literacy Development Chart (PDF). Then consider the following questions:

  • William's Progress: How does William progress in reading during the year? What factors influence this progress? How does his reading development compare to your own students? What questions do you have about his literacy development?
  • Classroom Environment: What instructional practices in reading and writing promote William's literacy development? How does Ms. Soto support William's use of strategies to read and comprehend texts? How does the classroom environment encourage and support William, as he becomes an independent reader?
  • Home/School Connection: How do Ms. Soto, William's mother, and William collaborate to assess William's progress and determine goals for future learning? What does each know about William as a learner? How does William's mother support his reading development at home and at school?

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