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Link: Teaching Reading: K-2

Becky Pursley's First-Grade Class

Before Viewing


Students Making Choices

Video Summary

The Teacher and the Class

Analyzing the Video
  Before Viewing
  First Impressions
  Looking Closer
  Summing Up

Making Connections

Selected Resources

The following activities prepare you to observe this classroom video, whether alone or with a group. Taking notes on the Observational Checklist while you watch will help you focus on important aspects of teaching and learning in the classroom. You may also use the KWL chart to record your thoughts before and after watching the video.


Prepare To Record Your Observations

Print out copies of the Observational Checklist (PDF) and Key Questions (PDF) to record your observations, reactions, and further questions throughout your viewing.


Review Important Terms

Review the definitions of the Literacy Teaching Practices:

Review the definitions of the Essential Components of Literacy Development:


Create a Know-Wonder-Learned Chart

What you know (or think you know) about first grade.

What you wonder (or want to know) about first grade.

What you have learned about first grade (after viewing).

Print out a copy of the KWL Chart (PDF) to record what you already know and what you would like to learn about conducting a reading or a writing workshop in first grade. Groups can use the KWL chart to generate discussion and questions to consider while viewing.

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