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Hildi Perez's First-Grade Class

The Teacher and the Class


Assessment-Driven Instruction

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The Teacher and the Class

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Ms. Perez working with a student.

Hildi Perez teaches first grade at the Young Achievers School for Science and Mathematics in Boston, Massachusetts. A pilot school, Young Achievers operates within the Boston Public School District but enjoys much of the freedom of a charter school. Accepted through a lottery system, students come from all over the city. Fifty percent of Ms. Perez's students are African American and 30 percent are Latino. Most qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch.

Day at a Glance*




Independent Reading


Shared Reading/Word Study


Learning Centers/Guided Reading


Other Content Areas

* In the video you see excerpts from Ms. Perez's class on December 11 and 12. On a typical day, other content areas are also included in the schedule.

Students' literacy needs, like their backgrounds, are diverse -- reading levels range from beginner to 6th grade and beyond. But once inside Ms. Perez's classroom, all students are presented with the same expectation: to take clear and measurable steps forward in their literacy development.

Ms. Perez identifies student needs through frequent formal and informal assessment. "Using assessment is the most important tool for me. It helps me to know the children: who they are, what they come with, the skills they have, and the skills they need to be working on." Ms. Perez formally assesses students four times a year using leveled readers from the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). She measures students' progress against school benchmarks set for different times of the year, using results to guide instruction and grouping.

Trained as a reading specialist, Ms. Perez spends half of her time overseeing the school's reading program and the other half in the classroom. She uses a variety of sources when planning instruction and setting up her classroom. "A classroom like this doesn't get created overnight; it's a process. It takes a lot of thought and it takes a lot of different resources -- reading professional books, watching videos, asking help from veteran teachers."

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