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Hildi Perez's First-Grade Class

Selected Resources


Assessment-Driven Instruction

Video Summary

The Teacher and the Class

Analyzing the Video

Making Connections

Selected Resources

Resources Used By Ms. Perez

Cunningham, P. Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use Greensboro, N.C.: Carson-Dellosa Publishing, 2000.

Developmental Reading Assessment

Books for Students in Ms. Perez's Classroom

Prelutsky, Jack. "My Fish Can Ride a Bicycle." A poem from the book Something Big Has Been Here. New York, N.Y.: Greenwillow Books, 1990.

Rosen, Michael. ed. Poems for the Very Young. London: Kingfisher Publishing Co., 1993.

Smith, Annette. New Boots. From Rigby PM Plus. Barrington, Ill.: Rigby Education, 2000.

Additional Resources

Books and Articles

Askew, B. J., and I. C. Fountas. "Building an Early Reading Process: Active from the Start." The Reading Teacher 52, no. 2 (1998).

Avery, C. ...And with a Light Touch: Learning About Reading, Writing, and Teaching with First Graders. Portsmouth, N.H.: Heinemann, 1993.

Beaver, Joetta. The Developmental Reading Assessment. Lebanon, Ind.: Pearson Learning Publisher, 1999.

Clay, M. Running Records for Classroom Teachers. Portsmouth, N.H.: Heinemann, 2000.

Dahl, K. L., et al. Rethinking Phonics: Making the Best Teaching Decisions. Portsmouth, N.H.: Heinemann, 2001.

Gaskins, I., et al. "Procedures for Word Learning: Making Discoveries About Words." The Reading Teacher 50, no. 4 (1997).

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Price, D. P. "Explicit Instruction at the Point of Use." Language Arts 76, no. 1 (1998).

West, K. "Noticing and Responding to Learners: Literacy Evaluation and Instruction in the Primary Grades." The Reading Teacher 51, no. 7 (April, 1998).

Web Sites

Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Ability (CIERA)

International Reading Association (IRA)

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

National Association of Education of Young Children

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