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Teaching Reading: K-2  Using This Site


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Using This Site

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Teaching Reading K-2: A Library of Classroom Practices takes you to classrooms around the country to document the excitement and rigor of learning to read. The video collection captures the dedication, enthusiasm, and skills of teachers as they do the challenging and rewarding work of teaching reading.

This guide, available online and in print, features pre- and post-viewing activities and discussion questions to help you use the videos. For each video, the guide includes the following components:

Video Summary: A short synopsis of the contents of the video.

The Teacher and the Class: Background information on the teacher, the community, and the class to set the context for viewing. Includes quotations from the teacher, a "Day at a Glance" chart, and details about the teacher's strategies, philosophy, and professional experiences.

Before Viewing: A series of activities that help you prepare to observe the video, and to become familiar with the viewing tools, including the Observational Checklist and the KWL Chart.

First Impressions: Questions and activities to use after viewing the video.

Looking Closer: Questions focusing on specific video segments or teacher materials to encourage deeper examination of specific literacy components or teaching strategies.

Summing Up: Questions to ask at the end of the viewing experience, probing the relationship between what you saw and your own teaching.

Making Connections: Suggestions for applying and extending what you've seen and discussed, including reading a relevant article, watching more videos in the Teaching Reading library, and considering which literacy strategies would work in your classroom.

Selected Resources: Books, articles, Web resources, and other materials used by the teacher or students, or recommended as further reading.

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