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Charmon Evans's First-Grade Class

The Teacher and the Class


Connecting Skills to Text

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The Teacher and the Class

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Ms. Evans in the classroom.

Charmon Evans teaches first grade at the Richard E. Bard Elementary School in Port Hueneme, California. A small coastal town, Port Hueneme is home to a naval base with a diverse population. Of Ms. Evans's 20 students, nearly half are Filipino and a quarter are Hispanic.

Day at a Glance*




Morning Meeting (Phonics Drill)


Word Study Activity


Guided Reading/Learning Centers


Blending Sounds with Puppet


Word Wall Game Show




Journal Response


Sharing Journals

* In the video you see excerpts from Ms. Evans's class on October 23 and 24. On a typical day, other content areas are also included in the schedule.

A veteran teacher of nine years, Ms. Evans has seen the climate around literacy instruction -- and her own instruction -- change over time. Trained in the "whole-language era," Ms. Evans has felt "a push toward standards-based instruction" in California. Ms. Evans now takes the "best from all different approaches," integrating parts of a literature-based and phonics-based approach in her classroom. She explicitly teaches phonics -- "[students] need the pieces of the puzzle if they are going to put the puzzle together," she says -- and yet she is committed to reading good literature in her classroom, and to fostering a love of reading in her students.

Ms. Evans plans her phonics instruction based on ongoing assessments of students' reading and writing skills. She uses assessment tools from the California Reading and Literature Project, a project led by researcher Marilyn Jaeger Adams and involving thousands of teachers throughout California. A participant of the project for five years, Ms. Evans now directs weeklong summer training institutes.

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