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  School: Clarkton School of Discovery
  Location: Clarkton, NC
  Grades: 6, 7, 8
  Disciplines: Visual Art
Language Arts
  Description: Creative scheduling and integrated class work infuse arts throughout a school curriculum.

Preserving a Place for the Arts

Girl showing her artwork Program Summary
When faced with budget cuts, the staff of a rural middle school finds innovative ways to keep the arts a viable part of the curriculum.
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  The Integrated Instruction
Deborah Guyton Deborah Guyton, Principal
When Clarkton School of Discovery received a federal magnet school grant for the arts a few years ago, we made quite a lot of physical changes, and money was also used for arts personnel. After the grant was spent, we started looking for ways that we could maintain our arts teachers in state-funded positions. A couple of them have gone back for more training and re-certification in other areas, so that they can stay at this school.
Theresa Wuebbels Theresa Wuebbels, Visual Art and Science Teacher
When we had the grant, I did arts integration activities half the day and taught visual art the other half.  Now I do science in the morning, and art electives in the afternoon. In one of my electives – “My Life, My Roots, My Dreams” – the students are integrating science, language arts, photography, visual art, and social studies. They’re creating an heirloom – a book that they’ll want to keep for the rest of their lives.
Rebecca Hennis Rebecca Hennis, Dance and Language Arts Teacher
I am the only dance teacher in this county. Instead of competitions, I do more creative things, where the students are coming up with movement. For example, in the elective “Dance-A-Story" we take a children’s book and develop the characters through movement.  I’ve had the option to begin teaching language arts in sixth grade, and so I’m doing that in the mornings.

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