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School 237


Flushing, Queens, New York City

  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Theatre
Visual Art
Language Arts

Students use folk

tales as the basis for crafting original theatre pieces.


Folk Tales Transformed

Students with skeleton costume Program Summary
A visiting theatre artist works with a language arts teacher and a visual art teacher to help eighth-graders transform folk tales into original scenes that the students perform.
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  The Integrated Instruction
Nelle Stokes Nelle Stokes, Visiting Theatre Artist
I worked with Martha Morenstein and her language arts class on a play that’s a compilation of folk tales from different cultures. The kids picked out their own folk tales, adapted them, wrote them, and they’re acting in them. The idea was that kids would experience what it was like to make a piece of theatre.
Martha Morenstein Martha Morenstein, 8th-Grade Language Arts Teacher
Because Nelle and I work so well together, we understand where each other is coming from. And if we do disagree, it’s fine, because I can say, “Nelle, no, I don’t think that’s right.” Or she’ll say, “Martha, this won’t work, but let’s try something else.” We’re in constant communication, which is good.
Judi Roseman Judi Roseman, Visual Art Teacher
At first I felt a little intimidated working with other teachers, because I’m an experienced teacher, and I’m supposed to know it all! And I didn’t feel as if I knew it all – but that’s great, because I’m learning along with the students, which is a really great thing.

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