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Sheridan Global Arts and Communications School /

FAIR School

  Location: Minneapolis, MN /Crystal, MN
  Grades: 6, 7, 8
  Disciplines: Dance & Science
Dance & Math
  Description: Physical forces and geometric concepts are explored through dance and movement.

Two Dance Collaborations

Science teacher and dance teacher in dance studio Program Summary
In a first-time collaboration, a dance teacher and a science teacher combine forces to explore the laws of motion with a seventh- and eighth-grade dance class. At another school, a dance teacher and a math teacher work with sixth-graders on imaginative interpretations of the idea of circles.
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The Integrated Instruction

Part One: Learning the Laws of Motion

Roberta Carvalho-Puzon Roberta Carvalho-Puzon, Dance Teacher
Growing up I had a passion for dance and a fascination for physics, I am bringing these areas together for my students, I hope! The collaboration with Kevin started with the two of us holding our hands together and pushing and pulling. It became apparent that we were going to deal with gravity, the laws of motion, balanced and unbalanced forces.
Kevin Hennessy Kevin Hennessy, 8th-Grade Science Teacher
When I first started working with Roberta and we conferred about whether science might intersect with dance, it got us into a deeper discussion about why we’re teachers. What I’m finding about collaborating is that you need to just start in a certain direction and see where it goes.
Part Two: The Circle Project
Scott Charlesworth-Seiler Scott Charlesworth-Seiler, 6th-Grade Teacher
The circle project is an interdisciplinary project that combines learning in dance with learning in math, and ties in to all our other subjects as well. We have studied cyclical behaviors in human interaction and in literature, we’ve studied cycles in science, we’ve talked about how history repeats itself in various forms - all of those things tie together with the actual circles that the students make.
Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Johnson, Dance Teacher
Scott and I are always really interested in seeing how we can give the kids opportunities to connect between what he’s doing and what I’m doing. So I’m asking the sixth-graders to represent in movement what they created for their circle projects, whether it be doughnuts or tennis balls!

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