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Three arts specialist teachers practice in their own art forms with students and share their skills and ideas with teachers in other subject areas:

  • Kathy DeJean, a dance teacher at arts-based Lusher Alternative Elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana, coordinates her lesson plans with classroom teachers, using dance to integrate reading and vocabulary.

  • Mary Perkerson, a visual art specialist, conducts workshops in visual art techniques for new teachers at Harmony Leland Elementary School in Mableton, Georgia. For an honors art class, she introduces a group of kindergarten through second-grade students to techniques of cel animation. Perkerson also demonstrates some of the ways she integrates visual art topics and literacy.

  • Amanda Newberry, a theatre teacher at Lusher, works with a first-grade class, involving the classroom teacher. They explore storytelling by using improvisation to “write a story in your heads.”


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