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This program contains three short segments. View these segments in sequence.

What Is Arts Education? (14 minutes)
To get you thinking, here is a montage of insights from teachers and administrators plus examples of successful arts instruction in classrooms across America. Observations from administrators in Denver, Colorado, suburban Atlanta, Georgia, New Orleans, Louisiana, and New York, New York, showcase some of the ways that the arts benefit students and help schools become more successful.

What Are the Arts? (5 minutes)
We all know the arts when we experience them — but coming up with a general definition is a real challenge. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents offer candid, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous comments on what the arts mean to them. The program is useful as a discussion starter with adults and students.

How Do You Know They’re Learning? (4 minutes)
Learning takes many forms, and some areas of proficiency are highly subjective. In this short program, educators from several schools tell how they know if their students are “getting” what the teachers are teaching. This program is useful as a discussion starter with teachers, administrators, and parents.

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