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Date: 10/29/2017 Location: Leamington,ON
    41.91, -82.51
Number Sighted: 1100  
Comments: UN-BELIEVABLE!! Due to reports from the NE of monarchs last week & with a northerly wind I decided to go down to the Tip at Point Pelee National Park to check for roosts. Arrived at the Tip at 9:20 am with a cloudy sky & 5°c/40°. Temp had dropped to 0°/32f overnight. Located the first monarchs closed tightly on wild grapevine. Continued to locate monarchs roosting on the east side Hackberry Trees & wild Grapevine. As the clouds broke up slightly the sun broke through warming them. Prior they were observed quivering/shivering to warm themselves. The closer I got to the Tip the more there were....over 1,000!! 10:38 - 10:49 am The clouds cleared a bit & the sun peeked through, warming the Monarchs that then took to the sky!! By 11:15am most had headed out south over Lake Erie continuing their journey! Temp of 5-7°c/40f-45°f High for the day was 7°c Light NW wind 10-15 kph Mostly cloudy Around 11:45 about 100 remained but could possibly have been new arrivals from the north. They remained in trees & on grapevine near the Tip. Around 12:30 pm about 30 Monarchs were observed arriving from the east over the lake & landing on East side trees. They are taking a short cut across the lake (Previously observed numerous times over the years) Curious if they are coming from Rondeau/Erieau or somewhere in between. A friend at the Park around 5:30pm reported about 15 Monarchs remained in clusters on East side trees. Current forecast shows southerly winds too strong until Fri. Nov 3rd when it will be a north wind. And I got a pic of a tagged female monarch SPW 745!! Amazing morning! More photos & videos at-
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