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MapMaker — U.S. History Interactive Maps

The interactive maps in this collection provide an overview of key themes in U.S. history. Each map is built on a series of bookmarks with markers highlighting events and people that illustrate the theme, along with map layers that provide additional information. The markers utilize a variety of primary and secondary sources to deepen understanding. Each themed map is supplemented with an educator guide that gives teachers ideas and activities—including assessment suggestions aligned to national standards—for using the maps in middle and high school classrooms. Educators or students can also customize maps by adding bookmarks, markers, and information and save them as their own. Instructions for customizing maps can be found in the User Guide below.

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a mass protest against racial segregation and discrimination in the United States. This map introduces key marches and protests from 1954 to 1968. Each event is mapped against U.S. Census data on the African American population from 1960.

Civil Rights Movement Educator Guide

Women's Suffrage

Women’s Suffrage

American women fought for the right to vote in the United States for more than 100 years. Often linked with abolition during the first half of the 19th century, women's suffrage was boosted by the contributions of women during World War I. Explore this map to learn about this movement—the roles of key leaders and the ways in which geography might have affected the movement.

Women’s Suffrage Educator Guide

Mexican-American War

Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War pitted the United States against Mexico in what was ultimately a battle for territory. The war, which lasted from 1846 to 1848, involved a series of treaties, border disputes, annexations, and battles. This map helps students identify key events and lasting impacts of the war.

Mexican-American War Educator Guide

Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion

During the 1800s, many Americans headed west to the frontier in search of land, riches, and, in some cases, religious freedom. This mass migration was not without consequences for settlers, native populations, and the environment. This map identifies the many changes that accompanied the expansion.

Westward Expansion Educator Guide

Great Migration

The Great Migration

In 1910, about 90 percent of African Americans lived in the South. By 1940, this number had decreased to 77 percent. This movement from the South to the Northeast, Midwest, and West was called the Great Migration. Use this map to examine the factors that influenced the migration as well as its impact on other aspects of American society.

The Great Migration Educator Guide

The Great Depression

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a global economic downturn that spanned the decade prior to WWII. Covering a period from the Wall Street Stock Market Crash in 1929 through the war effort in 1940, this map will help students discover how this era affected population patterns and policy decisions of the United States government.

The Great Depression Educator Guide

Early Explorers

Early Explorers

The story of the exploration and settlement of North America includes an intriguing cast of characters—from the Vikings of the 8th to 11th centuries to the explorations of Christopher Columbus, Cabeza de Vaca, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson. This map examines shared themes that intertwine the explorers’ stories and looks at the reasons for and the effects of European exploration of the Americas.

Early Explorers Educator Guide

Labor Movements

Labor Movements in the United States

Since the beginning of our country's history, workers have united for common goals: better working conditions, higher wages, and representation in matters that affect their lives. Use this map to identify conditions that led to the rise of the labor movement in the U.S. and learn how modern labor standards were implemented through the efforts of organized labor.

Labor Movements in the United States Educator Guide

Native American Removal and Resettlement

Native American Removal and Resettlement

Explore how Indians were removed and relocated in the United States through this snapshot of 18th and 19th century key events. In this interactive, follow the stories of broken treaties, the passage of the Indian Removal Act, the responses of Indian nations to forced relocation, and the legislation that formed the reservation system.

Native American Removal and Resettlement Educator Guide

Immigration in U.S. History

Immigration in U.S. History

Our country was built by the waves of immigrants who landed on our shores and made America their new home. This map focuses on six major immigrant groups in U.S. history—from early Pilgrims to modern-day immigrants displaced by civil unrest.

Immigration in U.S. History Educator Guide

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