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Interpreting Stories and Graphs

Read a story and draw a graph that tells the same story. Next look at a graph and write a story to match.

Isotopes, a Weighty Matter: Isotope Quiz

You will be presented with three different isotopes of the same element. See if you can calculate the atom's average relative mass.

Israel Development Timeline

This timeline shows the development of Israel throughout the 20th century to the present. Follow Israel from the British control of the region in 1917, to its founding in 1948, to events immediately following September 11.

It's Elementary: Building Elements

Use your knowledge of scientific notation systems used to describe orbital configuration. Build up orbitals and electrons piece by piece in order to construct a given element.


Answer the journal prompts, including reflections from the workshops and your own classroom. The journal (requires a login) will save your entries for 120 days after you register. However, you can print or transfer your entries to your own computer.

Journals: Use Your Document Detective Skills

Read three journal entries, one at a time, about events of historical significance. Identify the region and era particular to each journal entry, and answer additional questions about the topic covered.

Konversion Kingdom Mania (British and Metric Conversions)

Visit an amusement park and try to solve six conversion problems as fast as you can.

La Gavia

Practice some of the vocabulary and grammar covered in the La Gavia episodes of Destinos.

The Largest Container

Observe as a sheet of letter-sized paper is cut and assembled to form a rectangular prism, a triangular prism and a cylinder. Which object would contain the greatest volume?

Laser Cooling

Slow a sample of fast-moving atoms with a laser to capture them in a trap by setting the temperature of the oven and adjusting the strength of the magnets. Once trapped they can be cooled and used in a variety of experiments.

Learning About Language Through Cognates

This activity highlights examples of conceptually related Spanish and English cognates that share Latin root words, which can be used to help students develop their vocabulary.

Learning Temperature Units and Their Symbols

Did you know that there are other temperature scales besides Fahrenheit and Celsius? Read the descriptions of all the scales and then match the scale to the correct thermometer.

Legislatures and Democracy Recap: The Lawmakers

You are a congressperson trying to pass your education bill. Join in the extensive public debate, committee work, and parliamentary maneuvering necessary to achieve majority legislative support for your bill.

Length Symbols

Study the names and abbreviations of length units in both the metric and British systems. Then play a game to see how well you remember them.

Letters: Use Your Document Detective Skills

Read three letters, one at a time, about events of historical significance. Identify the region and era particular to each letter, and answer additional questions about the information it contains.

Life Span Development

Explore major developments that take place across the life span. Select specific stages (childhood, adolescence, etc.) to learn about biological, cognitive and psychosocial development at each stage.

Limerick Factory

A limerick is a very funny piece of nonsense verse with its own special pattern of rhyme and rhythm. Use this tool to choose phrases to create your own limerick that follows the pattern.

Line Plot Representations

Create line plots that have a mean of 5 but different deviations from the mean. Notice that the total deviation above the mean must equal the total deviation below the mean.

Locate the State

How many states can you identify?. There are 20 questions and you have 30 seconds to answer each one.

Location Graphs

Consider two graphs representing the number of people present at two different locations over the course of the day. Interpret the graphs to guess the locations.

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