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Part D

Applying Connections
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A class collected data and graphed the results to see what they could learn. Use the following Interactive Activity to explore their results. As you work on this activity, follow these instructions:

  • Imagine a sample successful student response for each question.
  • Think about how you would help your students understand how to solve the problem. Jot down phrases that will help you remember your ideas.
  • Consider the role of connections in each question and sample solution.

Reflection Questions

  • If you were doing similar activities in your classroom, how might you have students collect and record data?
  • How can you help students connect their developing ideas about number to the idea of data?
  • How does using everyday activities, like skipping rope, as the basis for mathematics activities encourage students to see connections?
  • How might you respond to the range of non-conventional graphs that students will create when doing an activity like this?

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