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Part D

Applying Communication
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How did you set up and work through the problem? Here is a solution skeleton that reveals possible steps in solving the problem.

In our scenario, the teacher, Carlos Cabana, has decided to present this problem in a group test. He has organized his class of thirty-four students into groups of three and four. They are working on the problem together. He will give each group one grade, to be determined by grading a different problem on each student's test.

Effective communication within the group was essential as Mr. Cabana had chosen a problem that was beyond the capacity of the students to solve individually.

Questions to consider:

Put yourself in Mr. Cabana's shoes and answer these questions.

  • What steps might students take to solve this problem?
  • What information would you want to see them communicate to one another about the problem?
  • What information would you want them to communicate with you about the problem?
  • What are some ways that a teacher might respond to student questions when students are working in a group? What message does each possible response send to the students?

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