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Bringing It All Together


You have now had a number of opportunities to consider what it looks like to incorporate the disciplinary literacy practices of reading, writing, speaking, and listening into mathematics classrooms. As a way to revisit what it means to engage in these disciplinary literacy practices, solve the Harvesting the Field Problem [PDF], drawing on the strategies and protocols you have explored so far as you work toward a solution.

Apply: Write your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. How did you make sense of what this problem was asking? What strategies and protocols helped you do this? What did you learn from using these strategies and protocols?
  2. Once you made sense of the problem, how did you solve it? Did you make notes, draw a diagram, or create some equations? Did you try possible solutions to see if they worked? Did you wonder if there might be more than one possible solution? How did your solution efforts compare to what you saw students doing as they solved problems in the videos you viewed?
  3. Once you solved the problem, consider how you would have explained your solution to someone else. What would be important to explain? How would you use words, diagrams, and equations to communicate your explanation in writing? How might your written explanation have compared to the mathematical writing in the videos you viewed?
  4. Imagine that you had been able to work on this problem with a friend or colleague. How would a conversation about what the problem was asking have helped? How would sharing and discussing your initial efforts to solve the problem have helped? How would articulating your solutions to each other have helped? How might your imaginary conversation compare to how you saw students speaking and listening together in the videos you viewed?

This unit is intended to address what it means to plan, teach, and reflect on mathematics lessons that provide all students with opportunities to engage in the disciplinary literacy practices associated with mathematics. The Harvesting the Field problem was intended to engage you in these practices. How would you plan, teach, and reflect on mathematics lessons that engaged your own students in these practices?