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Disciplinary Literacy

Experiencing Discipline-Specific Texts

Experiencing Discipline-Specific Texts


Experiencing Discipline-Specific Texts

This activity features a short text related to the topic of economics in each of the four disciplines—science, mathematics, English, and history—with questions to assess learning about each text. The goal is to experience the different text types and specialized literacy practices required to make sense of the ideas presented, which students must do each school day.

This interactive activity is one of 10 featured in Reading and Writing in the Disciplines. It lets you experience reading and making sense of texts in each of the four disciplines featured in this course: science, mathematics, English, and history.

To explore another activity featuring a science text, go to Relationship Between Scientific Graphics and Text in Science Unit 5. To explore another activity featuring a mathematics text, check out Making Sense of Mathematics Text in Mathematics Unit 6. To explore another activity featuring an English text, go to Annotating Text in English Unit 6. To explore another activity featuring a history text, see Identifying Reading Strategies in History/Social Studies Unit 6.

To check out other activities in this course, go to the Browse All Media page and filter results for Media Type: Interactive.