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Writing in English


One important way we study written texts in the English language is to reproduce and revise them for personal, social, and vocational purposes. In English studies, teachers can often draw upon students’ personal writing interests (texts, blogging, email, college essays, graffiti, spoken-word poetry, etc.) as a motivating bridge into formal academic forms of writing. Teachers can also help students enhance their writing in the genres that interest them.

Career-Focused Writing Instruction in English
As noted in the previous section, people with a strong background in English studies often hold positions such as social media manager, technical writer, lawyer, grant writer, librarian, editor and content manager, or nonprofit executive director. From a writing perspective, these positions emphasize the ability to narrate, describe, request, explain, evaluate, and argue in writing. They require mastery of different genres of writing, from personal to formal, from presentation to administration. Note that the narrative form of writing is still very important. Many other professional positions also require good writing skills. Almost any managerial position requires employees to write incident reports, orientation letters, summary reports, etc. Paramedics, police and security guards all need skill in the type of writing that is most often taught in English studies. 

Reflect: List the types of career-oriented writing that you assign to your students. List three or four additional selections that you could incorporate in the future.