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Reading in English

Purposes for Reading

While teachers are preparing students to participate in the world of college and career, they are also helping them become better readers for participation in personal interests and in civic life. And when it comes to motivating students to become engaged in their literacy development, these personal and civic engagements are sometimes initially more important than reasons related to career and college. This seems even more so in a world of technology and online communications. Personal and civic interests are also crucial in helping develop lifelong learning.  

Career-Focused Reading Instruction in English
Reading practices in English class can focus on career-specific areas, such as reading like a journalist, author, editor, lawyer, critic, etc. According to employment websites, such as Monster.com and Careerbuilder, people with a strong background in English studies often hold positions such as social media manager, technical writer, lawyer, grant writer, librarian, editor and content manager, or nonprofit executive director. These positions emphasize critical reading; intertextual understanding; reaching unique as well as diverse audiences; and appreciation for metaphor, allusion, and narrative.

Reflect: How often do you talk with your students about the role of English class in helping them prepare for work in the real world? List as many places in the world of work as you can where English skills are prominent. Reflect on how you can share this information with your students.