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Unit 7

Making Sense of Randomness

Probability Dice Game

Probability is the mathematical study of randomness, or events in which the outcome is uncertain. This unit examines probability, tracing its evolution from a way to improve chances at the gaming table to modern applications of understanding traffic flow and financial markets.

Unit Goals

Video Transcript


How can we make sense out of the seemingly random results of throwing a pair of dice or even the haphazard flow of heavy traffic in the city? How can we talk meaningfully about any situation that is unpredictable or has an uncertain outcome? Well, welcome to the mathematics of probability.



Mathematics has a broad set of tools to explain and describe events that appear, like the coin toss, to be random. This set of tools makes up the mathematics of probability.


Galton Board

Using a machine called the Galton board, this interactive will validate the Law of Large Numbers as well as illustrate the Central Limit Theorem.


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