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Unit 4

Topology's Twists and Turns

Hyperbolic Purse Hyperbolic Purse

Topology, known as "rubber sheet math," is a field of mathematics that concerns those properties of an object that remain the same even when the object is stretched and squashed. In this unit we investigate topology's seminal relationship to network theory, the study of connectedness, and its critical function in understanding the shape of the universe in which we live.

Unit Goals

Video Transcript


Can you imagine the shape of the universe? That's where Topology comes in: a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of spatial relationships that don't depend on measurement, and is more concerned with concepts like 'between' or 'inside,' and how things are connected.



Topology, originally known as analysis situs—roughly, "geometry of position", seeks to describe what is fundamental about shape in general.



Because this interactive covers an abstract concept of configuration space, you may benefit by reading the text chapter first. In this interactive you will learn what a configuration space is and how to model it as a surface.


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