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Session 8: Notes
Session 8 Part A Part B Homework
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Session 8 Materials:



Notes for Session 8

Note 1

In the metric system, the conversions between the two types of volume measurement are straightforward. As explored in Session 3, 1 cm3 equals 1 mL, and 1 dm3 equals 1 L. But the relationships between units in the U.S. customary system are not at all easy. For example, 1 qt. equals 57.73 in3.

Part B Notes:

Volume Formulas

Homework Notes

Note 2

Materials Needed:


Transparent tape (optional)


See-through graduated prisms (or cylinders). They can be purchased from ETA/Cuisenaire. (optional)


Large, plastic 3-D models that can be filled with water, sand, or rice (rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, cubes, cones, pyramids, cylinders, spheres. Some need to be the same height and have the same radius or base.) They can be purchase from ETA/Cuisenaire (Power Solids). (optional)


Modeling dough (optional)


6 cm to 9 cm strips of transparency film (optional)


Rice (optional)


Multilink cubes: Cubic units that can be connected together (cubic centimeters and 3/4 cubic inches). These can be purchased from:

Delta Educationor:
80 Northwest Boulevard
P.O. Box 3000
Nashua, NH 03061-3000
Phone: 1-800-442-5444

500 Greenview Court
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Phone: 800-445-5985/800-816-5050 (Customer service)
Fax: 800-875-9643/847-816-5066

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