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Measurement Session 3: Notes
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Notes for Session 3, Part A

Note 3

This session focuses only on the metric system, but you may also want to use this session to review what you know about the customary system. The concept of a coherent system may be confusing. If the customary system were coherent (which it is not), then there would be a single base unit for length; area and volume would also be based on this unit. For example, if the inch were the base unit, then we would measure area in square inches (not in acres or square yards) and volume in cubic inches (not in pints or cubic feet). In a coherent system, units can be manipulated with simple algebra rather than by remembering complex conversion factors.

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Note 4

If you are working in a group that isn't very familiar with the metric system, you can take this opportunity to practice expressing quantities in more than one way. For example, working in pairs or as a class, participants can make up questions for one another to answer and/or quantities to express using different prefixes. Refer to Problems A3-A5 for guidance.

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