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Measurement Session 3: Notes
Session 3 Part A Part B Homework
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Session 3 Materials:

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Notes for Session 3

Note 1

Most Americans are not very comfortable using the metric system. We can't estimate with any accuracy the length of a room in meters, or approximate a kilogram of potatoes. Yet we live in a world that is metric; the United States is one of the few nations that has not converted to the exclusive use of the metric system.

Part A Notes:

Metric System Basics

Part B Notes:

Metric Units

This session introduces the key features of the metric system. We examine the relationships between units within the metric system and learn how to represent quantities using different units. You will have an opportunity to develop metric benchmarks by estimating and measuring quantities of length, mass, and capacity.

Remember, children who frequently use materials based on the metric system (for example, metersticks and centimeter cubes) will be able to visualize meters, centimeters, grams, and so on and the relationships between certain units.


Note 2

Materials Needed:




Empty plastic 1 L, 2 L, and 3 L bottles

Additional materials needed:


Metric tape measure and ruler


12 metersticks


Metric trundle wheels (optional)


A variety of metric scales: two-pan balance scale, spring scale, and a personal scale (optional)


Metric graduated beakers (500 mL or 1,000 mL)


Metric weights (1 g, 5 g, 10 g, 25 g, 100 g, 500 g, 1 kg) (you could also use centimeter snap-together cubes that weigh 1 g each) (optional)

The above materials can be purchased from:

500 Greenview Court
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Phone: 800-445-5985/800-816-5050 (Customer service)
Fax: 800-875-9643/847-816-5066


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