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Session 1: What Does It Mean To Measure?
Surface Area of a Rock
Nonstandard Units and Area
Nonstandard Units and Perimeter

Session 2: Fundamentals of Measurement
Partitioning Task
Constant Ratios in Triangles
Measurement as Approximation

Session 3: The Metric System
Referents for Measuring
Measuring Mass of Water
Metric Mutts

Session 4: Angle Measurement
Measuring Angles in Polygons
Sums of Angles in Polygons
Polygons in Geo-Logo

Session 5: Indirect Measurement and Trigonometry
Measuring Distance of a Tree
Measuring Height of a Tree
Using Trigonometric Ratios

Session 6: Area
Using the Rectangle Method
Triangles With Constant Area
Scaling Polygons

Session 7: Circles and
Measuring Circumference and Diameter
Making Sense of the Formula
The Circle in Islamic Design

Session 8: Volume
Packaging Candy
Volume in Engineering

Session 9: Measurement Relationships
Maximizing Area
Volume and Surface Area
Maximizing Volume

Session 10: Classroom Case Studies

Grades K-2:

Mary Guerino: 2nd Grade, Mabelle Burrell School

Grades 3-5:

Jonathan Belber: 4th Grade, Milton Academy

Grades 6-8:

David Cellucci: 8th Grade, Beachmont Middle School


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