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Geometry Session 3: Polygons
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Session 3, Part B:
Classifying Polygons

In This Part: Properties of Polygons | Grouping Polygons | Polygon-Classification Game
More Venn Diagrams

The following activity works best when done in groups. If you are working alone, consider asking a friend or colleague to work with you.

You will need a set of polygons, a set of category labels, and at least three loops of string for the polygon-classification game. Print and cut out the polygons and catagory labels.

Using string, set up a Venn diagram with three circles.


If you are working with a partner or in a small group, choose one member of your group to be the leader, and follow these rules to play the polygon classification game:


The leader selects three category cards and looks at them without showing them to the other group members.


The leader uses the cards to label the regions, placing one card face down next to each circle.


The other group members take turns selecting a polygon, and the leader places the polygon in the correct region of the diagram.


After a player's shape has been placed in the diagram, he or she may guess what the labels are. The first player to guess correctly wins.


Take turns being the leader until each member of the group has had a chance.

If the leader misplaces one or more shapes, your group may have trouble guessing the labels. Encourage everyone to ask the leader to check placement of particular pieces that seem wrong. If your group is stuck, if possible, ask someone from another group to peek at the labels and help the leader move shapes if necessary.


Problem B3


If you are working on your own or to help you get started, look at each of these Venn diagrams and see if you can determine how they should be labeled.







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