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Learning Math Home
Geometry Session 1, Part A: Quick Images
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Session 1 Materials:

Session 1, Part A:
Quick Images

Picturing, both on paper and in your mind, is an important part of geometric reasoning. You can learn the mathematics of making accurate drawings, drawings from which you can reason. You can also learn to pay more attention to the geometry you see and to visualize with your mind.

This activity works best when done in groups. Go to Note 2 for suggestions for doing the Quick Images activity with a group.

If you are working alone, consider asking a friend or colleague to work with you. Otherwise, print the following shapes [link] onto separate pieces of paper and then put them aside for a while. Work on something else so that you can forget the shapes. When you are ready to begin the activity, put a shape face down in front of you. Pick it up and look at it for three seconds; then put it face down. Try to draw the shape from memory. Lift the shape for another three seconds; then put it face down again. Revise your original drawing if you think it necessary. Finally, turn the shape over and compare it to your drawing. You can repeat this activity with several shapes.

Quick Images Activity:

Quick Images: Print

Problem A1


For each image, what did you notice the first time you saw the shape? What features were in your first pictures?


Problem A2


What did you miss when you first saw each shape? How did you revise your pictures?


Quick Images Activity and Problems A1 and A2 adapted from Russell, Susan Jo; Clements, Douglas H.; and Samara, Julie. Quilt Squares and Block Towns. In Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Grade 1 (pp. 18-19, 193, and 210). Copyright © 1998 by Dale Seymour. Used with permission of Pearson Education, Inc.

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