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Learning Math Home
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
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The complete guide to the course is available here for download in PDF. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. You can download it for free from Adobe.


Session 1: Statistics as Problem Solving

Session 2: Data Organization and Representation

Session 3: Describing Distributions

Session 4: The Five-Number Summary

Session 5: Variation About the Mean

Session 6: Designing Experiments

Session 7: Bivariate Data and Analysis

Session 8: Probability

Session 9: Random Sampling and Estimation

Session 10, Grades K-2: Classroom Case Studies

Session 10, Grades 3-5: Classroom Case Studies

Session 10, Grades 6-8: Classroom Case Studies

Appendix, including Glossary


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