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Solutions for Session 6, Part A

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Problem A1


This is an experimental study, since the online course is deliberately imposed on one group of participants.


The treatment here is the online course. The treatment is successful if students perform better on the exam after taking the online course.

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Problem A2


You might pick two groups of working adults, of roughly the same age and background, half of whom voluntarily take vacations during the winter and half of whom voluntarily take vacations during the summer. Then you'd give each a survey of their feelings upon returning to work and compare the results.


This is an observational study, since choosing when to take a vacation is not imposed on anyone.


If everyone takes his or her vacation voluntarily, then there is no treatment. If you were to change this to an experimental study and select when people go on vacation, then the treatment would be the choice of vacation time.

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Problem A3


You might select a number of people at random and tell half of them to eat a diet high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables. The other half would not receive any specific dietary instructions. Over a long period of time, measure the incidence of colon cancer in each group.


This could be an experimental study (as described in the answer to part [a]). You might encounter difficulty enforcing the imposed dietary changes, and there may be unforeseen health risks imposed on either group as a result of to their diets.


The treatment under study here is a diet high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

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